Pearl Polish 100g

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All Skin Types An all-natural illuminating exfoliant, this Pearl Polish is formulated with fine fresh water crushed pearls from China and sustainably harvested bamboo granules. This unique blend instantly eliminates dry skin cells and stimulates circulation, leaving skin smooth, polished and refined. The pearl, a gift from the sea, has a rarity and magic that allows it to calm the spirit, open the heart chakra, stabilize emotions and rejuvenate the skin to a lustrous smooth appearance. Pearl powder is an anti-aging treasure that was used by the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Mayans and Ayurvedic practitioners of India for thousands of years. Wu Zetian (625-705 AD) the only woman in Chinese history to ever attain the title of Emperor, regularly took Pearl powder internally and used pearl cream externally. When she ascended the throne at 65 years old, her skin was as radiant as that of a young woman. Her beauty was legendary. Pearl powder is an antioxidant, rich in the finest source of calcium, amino acids, minerals and trace elements. An ideal exfoliator, it naturally removes dull surface skin cells to smooth texture and provide an even skin tone. It contributes to the skin’s radiance, luminosity and elasticity. Additionally, it aids in absorbing oil and skin impurities.

BENEFITS:  One of the most revered anti-aging beauty secrets  Instantly exfoliates and illuminates skin tone  Promotes a softer complexion, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles  An antioxidant, rich in amino acids, minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron along with trace elements; naturally abundant in a complex protein called conchiolin that helps brighten the skin.

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