Essentials Skin Care Tester Kit (Product no Display)

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*11016 Rej. Cleansing Gel 200mL. 
*11027 Reh. Neroli Cleansing Milk 200mL. 
*11116 Clar.Mineral Enzyme Cleanser 200mL 

*11126 Make up Remover/ Cleanser
*12016 Rej. Thermal Tonic 200mL. 
*12075 Clar. Probiotic Mineral Tonic 100mL 
*12085 Neroli water 100mL

*170826 Algae Gel Maque 80mL
*171145 Rej.Moisture Balm 133mL. 

* 171426 Spirulina Mask
*F13011 Rej. Firming Extract 30mL. 
*F13021 Clar. Probiotic Refining Serum 30mL. 
*F13041 Clarify. BerryPlus Repair Serum 30mL. 
*F140104 Org. Anti Stress Oil 30mL.
*F140204 Org. Neroli Oil 30mL.
*F140304 Org. Lavender Oil 30mL. 
*F18021 Reh. Lipo Day Creme 50mL. 
*F18091 Daily Hydrator 50mL. 
*F18131 Rej. 24-Hour Moisture 50mL. 
*F200205 Rh. Lipo Eye Creme 15mL. 
*LBL9800 Label "Try me" 
*LBL9900 Label "Not for Resale"

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