ECHO2 Simmondsia Chinensis - 1oz bottle with dropper

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00700 ECHO2 Simmondsia Chinensis Serum - 1 oz

Vitamin Bottle #5, Equals 50 treatments


Commonly known as Jojoba oil, Simmondsia Chinensis acts as a moisturizer and

emollient. Jojoba oil reduces transepidermal water loss (TWL) without completely

blocking the transportation of water vapor and gases that provide the skin with

suppleness and softness.

Recent studies suggest that pure Jojoba Oil assists in fighting acne due to its ability to

“trick” the sebaceous glands into producing less sebum and to break down sebum in

clogged pores. Jojoba oil also serves as the perfect ingredient for lubrication with rapid penetration into the pores and follicles of the skin.

Cold pressed beans from the Jojoba shrub release a thick liquid wax, jojoba oil, which

has been used for centuries by Sonoran Indians as a remedy for hair and scalp disorders and as a powerful skin moisturizer to combat the scorching desert climate. Jojoba oil has been shown to dramatically soften the skin, penetrating quickly without a greasy film and can reduce flaking and cracking. This natural oil simulates the scalp's natural oils to help retain moisture. It is a superior makeup remover and skin cleanser because it can help unblock pores, resulting in a clean clear complexion.

The ECHO2 Oxygen Infusing Treatment System uses only pure, high-grade natural Jojoba extract, expeller pressed from Jojoba beans grown in Arizona.

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