De-Stress Muscle Body Gel

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Details & Benefits

Our indulgent De-Stress Muscle Gel to help soothe and refresh worn out muscles.

The formula is brimming with essential oils and natural ingredients has been specially formulated for anyone whose job requires them to be on their feet all day (or hunched over a laptop), as well as keen gym-goers and athletes. This blend stars soothing Lavender and energising Rosemary, whilst warming ginger & black pepper help you feel recovered. Ideal to apply after a training session or a long day on your feet.


This soothing blend can also be considered the perfect pick-me-up for when you just need a little push towards the last hurdle of the day.


This blend can assist to soothe and recover after a busy day on your feet, whilst hydrating the skin. Can be used by spot applying to areas you feel you need it the most.


Sharp, cooling and aromatic


Not recommended during pregnancy. For adults only. If suffering from a medical condition seek advice from a doctor before use. Keep out of reach of children. Store away from light and heat. Once opened, best used within 6 months.



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