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The Air Purifying Oil is Certified Organic Thuja Plicata oil from the coastal forests of British Columbia. Also known as Western Red Cedar, the oil from leaves of this tree has been used for generations by Haida indigenous peoples as an antidote to colds, flu and respiratory illnesses.

Extensive published scientific research conducted at the University of British Columbia has found that this oil, prepared in the correct way and diffused into the air using a nebulizer, has a 99.9% deactivation rate against

• Sick Building Syndrome 
• Aerobic & Anaerobic Bacteria
• Influenza Viruses H1N1, H3N2, HSV-1, HSV-2
• MSRA Bacteria
• Mold Forming Fungi
• Staphylococcus 6538
• E.coli ..... and many more

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